University of Minnesota
College of Liberal Arts Office of Undergraduate Programs

College of Liberal Arts Office of Undergraduate Programs

Contact Information

Nanette Hanks
Assistant Dean for Curriculum

115 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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Liberal Education Courses

The College of Liberal Arts provides the majority of courses taken by undergraduates on the Twin Cities campus to fulfill the Liberal Education (LE) requirements.

LE Proposals

All courses proposed to meet LE requirements must be approved by the Council on Liberal Education. The council reviews new proposals on an ongoing basis.

Submitting a proposal

For a new course

  1. If the course itself is new, follow the instructions on proposing a new course

For an existing course

  1. If the course already exists, find it in the Electronic Course Authorization System (ECAS).
  2. Choose “Update Course."
  3. Complete the section on Liberal Education. When all relevant portions are completed, change “Send to approval process" to “Yes" in order to submit the proposal.
  4. Attach the student-ready syllabus in ECAS.
  5. Email a PDF or Word version of the student-ready syllabus to Nanette Hanks.