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College of Liberal Arts Office of Undergraduate Programs

College of Liberal Arts Office of Undergraduate Programs

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Nanette Hanks
Assistant Dean for Curriculum

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Provisions Concerning Undergraduate Minors

Any student pursuing a B.A. or B.S. degree in the College of Liberal Arts or a baccalaureate degree in another University of Minnesota - Twin Cities college may select outside the major field a minor from among those minors that have been authorized by the College in accord with the procedures defined below.

Proposing a new minor

A proposal for a new minor may be submitted to the College by:

  1. a department or program that offers a major in CLA;
  2. other departments or programs of the University that offer courses deemed appropriate for CLA minors;
  3. a group of CLA faculty members representing a common interdisciplinary interest and identifying an adequate number of 2xxx/3xxx/4xxx/5xxx courses that have been approved for CLA credit.

Parameters for CLA minors

The minor shall consist of 2xxx/3xxx/4xxx/5xxx level courses totaling at least 14 credits. The College shall have authority to approve deviations from this limit.

The unit offering the minor shall define it in either of two ways:

  1. it shall prescribe a fixed array of courses, all of which must be completed by each student who elects this minor; or
  2. it shall prescribe a set of courses from which students can select that subset that best suits their interests. If this latter option is adopted, students must have their minor course programs approved by a faculty member authorized by the unit or program offering the minor.

The unit offering the minor may wish to require the completion of 2xxx/3xxx/4xxx/5xxx level courses in another department, program, or unit, and where the minor course program includes courses offered by that other unit, the same course may be applied toward both the major and minor requirements.

Units may decide whether or not to allow courses that are used to satisfy the requirements of a student's major program in another unit also to be used to satisfy those of its own minor.