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Nominations for the Tate award are due by November 4, 2016. Dossiers are due by December 9, 2016.

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Barbara Schwab
Director of Administration, Scholarships, and Awards

115 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

John Tate Award

John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising

Purpose and Criteria

The John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising recognizes and rewards undergraduate academic and career advising. It calls attention to the contribution that advising makes in helping students formulate and achieve intellectual, career, and personal goals. By highlighting examples of outstanding advising, the Tate award identifies positive models and recognizes the role that academic and career advising plays in the University's educational mission.

Nominees are evaluated on the basis of a dossier documenting outstanding advising. The dossier should provide specific evidence of excellence in the following categories:

For all nominees:

  1. Concern and guidance for advisees in their educational growth and success;
  2. Innovative engagement in developmental advising (academic, career and/or life planning) indicated, for example, by changes facilitated;
  3. Effective interpersonal skills;
  4. Responsible facilitation of student progress toward academic and career goals and development;
  5. Sustained commitment to student academic life and development over time; and
  6. Contribution to or enrichment of undergraduate advising at a program, department, or college level—i.e., institutional impact, which may include volume of students served.

For academic advisers & advising administrators:

  1. Improvement and development of advising delivery systems;
  2. Support of or participation in activities that enrich academic advising as a field.

For faculty advisers:

  1. Service as a mentor and role-model;
  2. Provision of professional development opportunities for students.

For career advisers:

  1. Provision of excellent career services and programs that help students clarify career goals, participate in experiential learning and improve job search skills;
  2. Collaboration with University units, employers and colleagues (both locally and beyond) to provide innovative, comprehensive and integrated career services and programs for students.

This list should not be construed as exhaustive or restrictive since the committee will consider any and all of the ways that advisers contribute to undergraduate education, if they are identified and supported by the materials in the dossier.


  • CLA students, alumni, faculty, and staff may submit nominations.Self nominations are welcome.
  • CLA faculty and staff advisers must hold at least 75-percent time appointments and actively participate in academic and/or career development of undergraduates (directly or administratively).
  • Previous nominees who did not receive the award may be renominated
  • Previous recipients are ineligible.

For the purpose of this award, advising is defined as non-classroom contacts with individuals or small groups that help students:

  1. develop strategies for academic/career success;
  2. clarify their goals and better understand their abilities;
  3. explore educational/career opportunities;
  4. plan educational programs consistent with their interests and abilities;
  5. take advantage of University resources and experiential learning opportunities, such as study abroad, internships, directed studies and research, or community service;
  6. examine career options and the links between academic preparation and the world of work;
  7. monitor and evaluate their educational progress;
  8. understand the institutional processes, nature, and purpose for higher education; and
  9. make a successful transition from the University to life path and career.


Up to four awards of $1,500 will be given. The recipient(s) may choose to have the $1,500 allocated through their bi-weekly pay or transferred to their department to use for professional development purposes. The awards are presented at a public ceremony held in April.

Process, Guidelines, and Forms

Submit a a nomination form and a complete dossier to the CLA Office of Undergraduate Programs.

The College of Liberal Arts hosts its own college-wide selection process, performed by the Instructional Awards Committee, before submitting applications to the University. Finalists' dossiers are forwarded to the Tate Advising Award selection committee.