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Nominations for the Arthur "Red" Motley award are due by November 4, 2016. Dossier are due by December 9, 2016.


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Contact Information

Barbara Schwab
Director of Administration, Scholarships, and Awards

115 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Motley Award

Arthur “Red” Motley Exemplary Teaching Award

Purpose and Criteria

The Arthur "Red" Motley Exemplary Teaching Award is sponsored by a gift from the family and friends of College of Liberal Arts alumnus Arthur Motley and other alumni of the college. It recognizes faculty of the college who are outstanding teachers of graduate and undergraduate students.

The Motley award acknowledges faculty who:

  • inspire and care,
  • make themselves approachable,
  • show an interest in individual students' well-being and in programs for the benefit of students generally,
  • give of themselves generously in advising, counseling, and directing projects, and
  • create an active classroom atmosphere.

Such faculty provide a model to undergraduate and graduate students through their own research and teaching, and leave an impression by their efforts which alumni recall with appreciation and esteem.


  1. Current (tenured or tenure-track) regular CLA faculty members
  2. At least 5 academic years at the University of Minnesota (including the current academic year)
  3. Must be nominated by 5 current or former students (either 5 persons may each complete a separate nomination form, or 5 persons may sign a single form)
  4. A faculty member may be nominated for other CLA or University of Minnesota awards in the same year. However, winners of the University of Minnesota Morse-Alumni and Graduate-Professional awards are not eligible for the Motley award in the same year.
  5. Previous recipients are not eligible again until 20 years after receiving the award. (See a list of previous recipients.)


Each award carries a prize of $5,000. At least 1 award is given annually.

Process, Guidelines, and Forms

At least 5 CLA students (current or former, graduate or undergraduate) must nominate a CLA faculty member for the Motley award.

When the Office for Undergraduate Education has received 5 nominations for a faculty member, the college requests that the faculty member's home department prepare a dossier on the nominee.

The Office for Undergraduate Education contacts the home department of each nominated faculty member and provides guidelines for preparing a complete nomination dossier for the department to complete. Departments are asked to submit the original dossier along with a dossier cover sheet.

The CLA Instructional Awards Committee reviews dossiers and makes a recommendation to the dean. The committee includes representatives from the CLA's Student Board, faculty, alumni, and the CLA student body.