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Barbara J. Scwab

Barbara Schwab

Director of Administration, Scholarships, and Awards


115 Johnston Hall

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Past Projects

From disciplines across the College of Liberal Arts, the Dean's Freshman Research and Creative Scholars program offers selected freshmen students a wide range of research and creative opportunities. Past research projects include:

  • Studying indigenous resistance through the arts
  • Evaluating visual attention and cognitive processing abilities
  • Researching Bayesianism
  • Examining art, historical, and published collections; photographic, pictorial, and audio archives
  • Collaborating with schools and community organizations
  • Researching personality development during college
  • Visualizing and analyzing of internet data to answer questions of social and economic importance
  • Developing a range finding assistive device for visually impaired pedestrians
  • Conducting a cross-cultural analysis of corporate social responsibility messages of multinational companies
  • Examining patterns of immigration from the Austrian lands to the Minnesota region
  • Coding processes and data collection
  • Examining brief cognitive-behavioral interventions to enhance creative thinking
  • Analyzing conceptions of collective memory, history, and trauma in artistic projects
  • Researching how journalists use social media to communicate and connect with audiences
  • Creating artworks based on genocide survivors’ stories
  • Identifying sources and proofing books before publication
  • Identifying the factors that lead state legislators to sponsor legislation that challenges national government authority
  • Assisting with the creation of theatrical productions
  • Understanding experiences and behaviors of twins, adopted individuals and their families
  • Analyzing the sediments from an Upper Paleolithic archaeological site
  • Researching musical training that may have general cognitive benefits and induce changes in brain function
  • Story-mapping using maps and geography to tell a story of where administrative, enforcement, and state violence occurs
  • Conducting an ethnographic and archival study of Indian vocal disciplines from various musical worlds

Examples of Recent Projects

Click on the project links below to view examples of final projects from past years:

Name Project Faculty Mentor Department
Emily Bierbrauer Costume Design: Under the Gaslight and Das Rheingold Matthew J. LeFebvre, Professor Theatre Arts
Carter Blochwitz Researching the settlement of the American west between the Revolution and Indian Removal in the 1830s Donald Ross Jr, Professor Writing Studies
Kirthica Dutta Effectiveness of Visual Supports for Naming Items by Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury Jessica A. Brown, Assistant Professor Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Sophie Halvorson, Tanner DeZee Head Games: Image Repair Discourse and the N.F.L.'s Concussion Crises Amy O'Connor, Assistant Professor School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Marcelina Grochulska Transcription of Child Language Samples Lizbeth Finestack, Assistant Professor Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Brianna Kadlec Exceptionalism in the American Press Ronald Krebs, Professor Political Science
Joel Mathis Pablo West Michael Gallope, Assistant Professor Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
Eileen Rohan Examining the use of mobile techonology with early intervention for toddlers with autism Sheri Stronach, Assistant Professor Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Tiffany Cheng, Jennifer Chudoba, Anna Keenan, Hannah Mills, Madison Sherwood, Kristy Wagner The History of the Family

Evan Roberts, Assistant Professor

John Robert Warren, Professor and Director of the Minnesota Population Center

MN Population Center/Sociology