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Nanette Hanks
Assistant Dean for Curriculum

115 Johnston Hall
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Minneapolis, MN 55455

Politics of Hunger: Food, Development, and Cold-War Politics (HIST 1905)

Freshman seminar for Fall 2015

Presented by Hiromi Mizuno

Description from the Course Catalog

Food is a basic part of our everyday life, but it is difficult to see macro-level political economy behind food and hunger. This seminar gives a basic understanding of how “hunger” came to be understood and dealt with globally after WWII, and how Cold-War geopolitics affected food shortage and surplus. This seminar is divided into lecture, discussion, and mini-research. In the first half, we will learn — through readings, lecture, films, and discussion — a big picture of how food, agriculture, and environment are tied to world politics. The latter half is devoted to case studies; you will learn how to do a small history research project by using materials available through our library. In terms of skills, this seminar focuses on critical reading, analysis, and research, and presentation skills. We will have a fun, collaborative, and interactive seminar.

Hiromi Mizuno is an intellectual and cultural historian of science and technology, currently working on concepts such as “development,” “modernization,” and “aid.” Her current projects examine the Cold War in Asia, including American policies and Asian actors. Because she is a specialist in modern Japan and Asia/Pacific by training, her goal in teaching is to bring her area of expertise on Japan and current research findings about the U.S. and Asia together. She loves integrating research activities in a seminar to help students discover the joy of historical research.